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Monday, May 11, 2009


Pic, from the internet about puppy mills.

I'm very sad with puppy mills in my town I don't understand why people act in that way.

Three months ago i sold one tiny French poodle black and white for $500.

The lady made a big plea and( she was a puppy mill). She told us she lives far away from Winnipeg and asks us to deliver

We delivered. She told us the puupy is for her and she was in very good hands. Two months later i received an e- mail from a nice costumer and she told me my dog is reselling.

I find Kilo (the poodle) on kijiji. My ex puppy is now beig sold by the same girl for $1,000.

She lied in the ad because she said Kilo was very good with kids, and she was good for breeding and Tea cup.

The nature of the french poodle COULD BE around kids but they are so fragile and she was so petite for breeding (was the most petite in her family but not tea cup)

She admitted she kept the puppy in a kennel for more that 8 hours Day. she insist that she was no house trained and she was.

The only problem i see, if she have the doggy for more than 8 Hours in a kennel, were she is going to make pee? She finish with infection and she never was working y the animal shelter.

I tried very hard to get her again.

That women never had consideration of anything. she knows was me and she send me next letter

First e- mail.
I want cash I'll be in Wpg sometime this weekend I'll think about selling her back to you I found a nice older couple that would give her a nice home.

so stop butting bad things out there about me I 'am a good person too I look after lots of shelter animals on a monthly basic and foster them so the Human Society and other shelters are here monthly all the animals are fixed her but Kilo and I was going to get her fix because the vet said it would help with her peeing but it won't in my op ion. SHE IS REALLY GOOD WITH MY KIDS THEY WILL MISS HER... (
She don't have money )

2.- e-mail: after i insist to sell me the dog back.
well like I said I want the best home for her to so well see what happens if you want her you need the cash sooner then the end of the month

The 3.-mail.

She is sold to a wonderful person with kids and she is going to be fantastic take care

I have someone comming tomorrow to see her I'll let you know if it's the right home for her
and the last e- mail was;

She is sold to a wonderful person with kids and she is going to be fantastic take care .

It was so sad for me see my dog was in the hands of a real puppy mill.
after i keep her for more than 6 months with her vaccination and give love.

It is one thing is be breeder,that is when you have almost most of the family with you at least the father and mother.

When you feed your dogs with very good food and you keep them clean happy and grooming etc, and more than that play with them and give allattention medicines, vaccination and veterinarian.

You see the puppy born and give vitamins and bathsand spend longs nights with all the puppies.

That's if they coming in good health because many come more little than the rest. or a little weak and that is when the breeder has to spend more time with those little ones, also you have to spend money on very good food for the mothe and pups. Puppy mills never do. In this way i see my puppy's grown.

Puppy mills only by for re-sales. The time that they spend waiting to be sold, the puppies suffer cruelty, no attention in cages, some times very little food and very weak.

I wanted to write that article. Its very important if you don't see the father and mother, don't buy.

Report them you can help so much for not be injustice for the puppies.

Thank you

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  1. I'm so sorry to have heard that. Why would that woman do that? It's just so cruel.